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Over the past three years, the Crypto Research Report has published nine editions with over 800,000 impressions in 187 countries. In addition to our free quarterly report and custom buy-side research reports, we are now writing a newsletter that shows the official CRR Portfolio including all of the trades we make on a weekly basis. For the past three years, we have collected an immense amount of data on cryptocurrency metrics. We track metrics such as hash rate, active user addresses, on-chain transaction volume, off-chain transaction volume, and market sentiment using APIs such as Coinmetrics, Whale Alert, and the Tie. In addition to metrics, we are based in the center of the cryptocurrency revolution, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Keeping a close ear to the community also helps us learn about coins before they go mainstream.

Every week a new edition will be published right here on Substack for our subscribers. Each edition will cover the week’s most important news, the largest cryptocurrency winners and losers, and the CRR Portfolio. In special editions, we will provide bonus content such as visualizations of large whale transactions going in and out of coins in specific patterns.

The goal of this newsletter is to keep crypto traders up to date on the most important coins in the ecosystem. If you have a tip on a coin for us, please email us at

If you would like to read our free 50-page quarterly report supported by Falcon Private BankCoinfinity, and Incrementum visit CryptoResearch.Report. The report is available in English and German.

Demelza Hays is the Investment Consultant to the Dash Investment Foundation, a 2018 and 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30, a teacher at the University of Liechtenstein, and an Advisor to RealUnit Schweiz AG.

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